The Great African Foods

The Great African Foods


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Some say Africa is where humans first learned how to stand, how to hunt, and subsequently how to cook. It is a great place to travel to, and a beautiful place to visit if you love archaeology. It is rich in culture and mystery, but it is also rich in flavour.

Nigerian fried rice is a staple for all african dishes. It is made with the broth of chicken, and with vegetables grown in Africa. This kind of rice can go with any sort o mea, easily added to the side of main dishes.

Afang soup, also known as Gnetum africanum, is a vine gymnosperm species found only in the tropics of Africa. These trees bear leaves, but are closely related to pine and conifers, making this plant very interesting, and very tasty. The soup is fairly delicious and can be created thick or nice and smooth depending on how much you of the plant you decide to put in.

Lamb Bredie. Nothing does lamb better than lamb bredie. Made with cloves or garlic, hot peppers, tomato sauce and cuts of succulent lamb, this dish is a thrill ride for your taste buds! Lamb is a very succulent, yet delicate meat that must he handled with care, so each and every meal takes time and preparation to make. Be sure to thank the waiter if you get this dish.

If you love Africa, you will love its food. Next time you stop by, eat all you can so you will never forget its taste.