When you’re out and about traveling, it can get easy for you to overindulge and eat your heart out. It’s fun to try out food from different cultures and it’s always “cheaper” then when you have to buy it from home if it’s authentic. But with every light is a vice, and when it comes to traveling, you don’t want to put on that traveler’s diet or blow through your savings.

Google – before you travel anywhere, first do a quick online search to find out what the main type of diet is like. Do they eat a lot of carbs? Or is it more vegetables? Do every single one of their meals include a sugary dessert afterwards? Do the people where you are going only eat meat? It’s important to know, so that you can adjust your own diet accordingly and to never get stuck in a rut as to what to eat.

Allergies – if you have allergies then this is an important one to note. Find it out if any of their main ingredients includes something that you’re allergic to. If the answer is yes, then you might want to pack some food of your own to supplement the lack of.

Cost – Is there something that you particularly enjoy eating (like apples?), but aren’t in abundance where you’re headed and could possibly be very expensive? Make sure to find out how much food costs so that you can estimate how much money you need to bring in order to eat every day. We’d suggest adding an extra $100 to your estimate so that you have some extra money left over for any emergencies.

Hopefully that’ll help you out when it comes to your travel diet and will both save your save your wallet and stomach and you’re exploring distant lands.