Jet lag is something everyone wants to avoid. People try and go through great lengths just to try and avoid the drowsy feeling of jet lag when they land. But do you believe some of the myths people come up with surroundingĀ jet lag?

1. Pilots and attendants are immune to jet lag.

This one is simply not true. Some sleep researchers have thought that constant travellers, which includes flight crew members, grew accustomed to jet lag. Unfortunately they are not immune to it. According to a 1994 survey, more than 90% of attendants in New Zealand needed a jet lag cure. They experienced fatigue and motivation loss just like everyone else.

2. Sleeping pills prevent jet lag!

False. Some sleeping pills are enough to give you some shut eye even when under extreme conditions. However jet lag needs more than just sleep, it needs a whole adjustment. It also has many different contributors, and takes a lot of different ingredients to fix.

3. Flying first class doesn’t give you jet lag.

If only. While first class is a lot more comfortable, it is not a cure to jet lag. However a lot of jet lag symptoms stem from pressurized, dry-air cabins. They contribute to dehydration, headaches, and poor circulation.

4. Wine is a jet lag medicine.

It is true, one of the principle cause of jet lag is dehydration, but this won’t help you with the cabin’s circulation issues. With the altitude, alcohol effects are intensified, and can even make you more dehydrated!

5. Jet lag is only caused by time zone travel.

Jet lag can occur no matter how many time zones are crossed. The key to knowing how to avoid jet lag, is knowing the causes.