Ready to bring Spot to Jamaica? Are you prepared for Fluffy to go on a cruise? Whether you’re bringing you cat or your dog on a trip, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make it the best and most comfortable for your animal friend.

For dogs and cats on the road-

  • Do a trial run. Before taking your dog or cat on a long car ride, try to do a shorter version. Observe, and make sure he or she doesn’t get car sick.
  • Buckle up. Never forget that your dog need protection too! But most importantly, it’s also good to protect yourself. 30,000 accidents occur every year according to AAA because of unrestrained dogs.
  • Keep all paws inside. It may be cute to see a dog poke its had out a window, but in truth this can be incredibly dangerous. It can cause ear and lung damage to your dog.
  • Prepare your dog or cat. In case your dog or cat gets lost, make sure you attach a second collar to where you will be staying during your trip.
  • Stop often. Never forget that your dog or cat needs pit stops as much as you do.
  • Stay with your dog or cat. Keep an eye on it, and make sure they keep hydrated. Never ever leave them in the car alone with rolled up windows.

On planes

  • Do some research. Make sure you know the regulations and fees before planning any trip with your pet.
  • Think about pets only flights. Pet Airways offers more attention to animals on airplanes and checks on them more frequently than regular flights.
  • Prepare your pet papers. If you are travelling outside of the country, make sure you get your pet vaccinated if required.
  • Keep something familiar. On long trips, make sure your pet is with something they recognize, like a blanket or a toy.
  • Make sure you’ll be ready when you arrive. Make sure you book a pet friendly hotel, so you’re not stuck running around looking for a place.