There are a lot of different aspects that are important when you’re trying to appropriately pack. Is the place that you’re going to going to be hotter or colder? Are the things that you’re going to be doing require your clothes to get dirty? Will there be a laundry machine there? To avoid overpacking and to save you space, here are some effective tips and tricks.

Roll your clothes – you’ve probably heard this before, but if you roll your clothes, you can save lots of space in your luggage by wedging them into little knooks and crannies.

Plan out your outfit for each day and take a photo of it – to avoid the anxiety of not having enough clothes, plan out your outfit that you’ll be wearing for each day and then document with by saving a photo on your phone so that you’ll remember exactly how you wanted to look each day.

Protect your jewelry by rolling it into socks­­ Рinstead of bringing along a big box to carry all of your jewelry, roll them inside of your socks to protect them from getting broken and also from getting caught onto your delicate clothes.

Stuff your socks/underwear into your shoes – your shoes take up negative space, so maximize it by filling them up with either your socks or undies. If you’re worried that your shoes will stink up your clothes, wrap them in a plastic bag before throwing it in.

Pack your bags within bags – if you plan on bringing multiple bags with you, make sure to line them in one another to save up on space.