When you’re traveling, this may be the last thing on your mind – tipping. But there is a proper way of doing it without seeming overzealous or cheap.

Train/Airport Stations

The standard is to tip the porter about $1 per piece of luggage. But if your luggage is particularly heavy, you might want to toss them a couple extra dollars. And if you didn’t hail your taxi on your own, then you can tip the doorman $1 for doing that for you.


If you’re valet parking, tip the attending $1-2. If you’re taking a shuttle bus and the driver helps you carry out the luggage, then tip the driver $1-2 per each person in your party.

If you need a bellhop to help you with the luggage, make sure to tip them out the same way you would a porter. If they continously help you out throughout your trip, make sure to tip them the same amount each time.

If you’re having issues locating tickets to a certain show and the concierge are able to help you out, tip them about 15% of the ticket’s worth.

For turn down service, you can either tip them $1-2 a day per bed, or give a lump sum total at the end of your stay.


If you’re taking, make sure to tip out both the tour guide and the bus driver. Tour guides for big parties usually get about $1 from each person, smaller parties usually give $2 per person. If you’re getting a private tour, make sure to tip a little bit more.


Always tip on the very last day of your trip. Waiters get about $3 per person that they’re serving each day.

For other employees such as bartenders are to be tipped as according to the service that they’ve provided you.