Would you ever try your hand at the most luxurious cruise in the world? We’d all love to attend. It’ll be grander than the Titanic (Fingers crossed, no jinxes here).

The most luxurious cruise ever build (it’s actually in the process of being built) is the Regent Seven Seas Cruises Explorer. It costs $450million to build. It is 732ft in length, but will only carry 750 total guests. Every room is a suite and there’s going to be marbled floors, crystal chandeliers and gourmet dining throughout the whole ship. You can order anything from their 5 star menu, brought to you by some of the best chefs around the world.


If you get to stay in one of the suites, the “residence” is four times bigger than the average home. The Penthouse on the top of the suites is bigger than any room in your average home. You can enjoy your leisurely activities as if you’re in the comfort of your own home.

There are going to be more than 2 dining rooms in the cruise, and those are already the site of big banquet halls — all adorned with chandeliers and crystal ceilings of course.

The Seven Seas is expected to be one of the biggest and most luxurious cruises ever built.

If you can imagine — a normal condo will range around 700-1000 sq ft. The top suite (The Regent suite) is expected to be 4000 sq ft — four times the size of a condo. When you first enter, you’re welcome into a high curving balcony with a high enveloping chandelier.


The floors are all covered in  carpet, with the exception of the suites, which will be covered in marble. The adornments are all dark hardwood and you can expect high ceilings and each dining room to have its own theme.

The first round of the Seven Seas is expected to sail in 2016 from Monte Carlo to Venice. This is probably the most anticipated sailing of the century. If you’re interested in checking out this booking, be expected to pay at least 10 grand for such an excursion. You can contact [email protected] for pre-booking, but be aware that they have gotten a lot of bookings already!