Are you looking for a cruise this summer? The sun is shining bright and the waters are clear. You’re going to have a great time on your cruise! But wait, where are you going? Do you have a set plan of what you want to visit this summer?

We have gathered data on some of the best cruise destinations for 2014. Judging by how popular some of these places are, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that over 10,000 cruises are filled up even before the month of May. Whatever you’re planning, be sure to book it in advance or else you might not be able to get the best seat!


Looking for a real getaway? Alaska is somewhere we consider “the middle of nowhere” but it’s actually one of the most popular places to go for a cruise. People tend to forget it’s part of the United States, but it’s actually quite a vacation site! Be sure to check out the aurora borealis and try to spot some killer whales.


Since the country of Burma has relaxed its governmental control, anyone can take a trip to visit. You can go beyond the Irrawaddy and you can stop there for a few days in Rangoon to see the riverside temples of Bagan.

Mekong River

This river located in Southeast Asia isn’t just to see the mysterious ruins, traditional villages, and a fast-changing countryside. You can get to see Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, and Cambodia.


Are you ready to go down under? One of the newest destinations is Australia. The weather is amazing yearly and you get to see some kangaroos on Kangaroo Island. The most luxurious cruise will be sailing there.


The Carribbeans will always be a top favorite of ours, just because we love the beach and white sand. You get to swim with dolphins and go scuba diving. Maybe you can even touch some seals! It’s a great popular destination for the whole family.