Are you thinking of taking a trip on an all-inclusive cruise? Are you second guessing yourself on thinking whether it’s worth it? Some of these trips can cost up to $2,000, or even $5,000 (or if you’re talking about the Seven Seas cruise, then you’re bound to be spending at least $10k). Sure, they include everything from the cruise, to the accommodations, and you get to go to a whole variety of places, but are they really worth it?

Let’s see… Cruises on average cost $1,000. Most of the time, you’re probably going to be flying in from somewhere else because the boarding for those cruises have to be in specific cities. Unless you’re lucky enough to be living beside the sea-side, then you’re probably going to have to buy a plane ticket to where your boarding city is. Let’s say, on average, that the ticket was $500 roundtrip per person.

That’s already $500, and you might have other expenses — like shopping. If you average a spending of $500 per person, that’s $2000 for the whole trip. Oh, and what about when you get to the different cities? If you want to say, go scuba diving, you’re going to have to shell out your own money for that. If you want to add in those extras, you’re looking at a grand total of $2500.

Oh, and what about the liquor? Some cruises offer liquor in their package plan, but a lot of them don’t. A liquor plan per person can range from $50  – $200. If you’re not a big drinker, you can go without but most of the time, who doesn’t want to drink on a cruise?

So with a total of $2700… Would you say it’s worth it?

Compared to other all-inclusive vacations, you’re paying a lot more. But if you decide to go on a European trip, or an Alaskan trip, it might just be worth it.

For example, a night in a nice hotel would cost $150-200. These cruises are usually 10-14 days so that’s 2000$ already. You get to see a lot, and eat a lot, and you don’t have to really worry about anything else besides the initial payment.

If you’re the adventurous and frugal type, it might not be for you, because you can easily get a trip somewhere else for a lot less. But for someone who wants to see the world and still care about your budget, then it is worth it.