We’re always down for cheaper flights, but what if there is a way to get cheaper flights without having to scour the internet everyday? If you’re looking for a cheap way to fly (and this applies to one-way flights only) there is Skiplagged, a site that calculates “hidden city prices”.

Aktarer Zaman came up with the a year ago and so far a lot of people have gotten up to 80% off their flight prices! It’s gotten so much media attention that United Airlines has put up a lawsuit against it, saying that it’s “illegal”. But it’s really not.

What happens is that airlines get a price for you depending on the location. Say you want to go to Cancun, but Cancun is usually a high tourist attraction area, so they are going to charge you $500. But what if you take a flight that takes you to a small city in Mexico, but Cancun is one of the layovers? Even though it’s farther, it’s going to be cheaper. You might pay like $300 or something for it. The trip with this is that you buy a ticket to that cheaper place but you get off in Cancun, and boom, you saved $200. Of course you can’t do a return flight in this way, because if the airline sees that you didn’t get on at Cancun, they will cancel the rest of your ticket.

The downside is that you also can’t check in any bags, because those bags will most likely be headed to your final destination.

Now, check out Skiplagged for yourselves and see if you can find a good deal!