Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab


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What can be said about the Burj Al Arab? Perhaps something along the lines of: It is the most luxurious hotel you may ever visit in your entire life, and with simultaneously ruin every other hotel that does not live up to it’s splendour. Yeah, that works.

Travel to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and enjoy a stay at the most luxurious hotel in existence, Burj Al Arab. It is the world’s one and only “7 star hotel” and it is the third tallest hotel in the world. Although, to be fair, 39% of the building cannot be occupied. Burj Al Arab sits on a island that is 920 ft from Jumeirah beach, and is actually an artificial island, connected to the mainland b a giant curving bridge. The shape of the hotel is designed to resemble a massive ship, and it is even equipped with a helicopter pad near the roof. It is a wonder to behold.

Despite the great size of this hotel, this massive building only holds 28 double-story floors, which can accommodate a total of 202 bedroom suites. The smallest? 1,820 square feet, and the largest is 8,400 square feet. It is as big as the floor of a house. The Royal Suit is is something else entirely. It is billed at $18,716 US a night, and sits pretty at number 12 on the “world’s most expensive hotel suites” made by CNN Go in 2012.

The hotel has attracted criticism and praise alike. The criticisms mainly focus on the splurging of wealth in an architectural form, focusing too much on aesthetics and less on practicality. What do you think? I guess you’ll just have to visit.