Winter is actually one of the most popular times for people to go on vacation, because a lot of people want to escape the dreary and the cold. December and January are actually high season for a lot of places. We’re here to give you some ideas to go this winter!

  1. Paris, France

It’s not Paris until it’s winter. You see all those movie sets of Paris in the winter? It’s like Winter Wonderland! Sure, it does snow a bit there, but nothing like a cup of hot chocolate and a croissant won’t fix. You can tour the Louvre and take a horse carriage around the city. It’s a magical, romantic time of the year here.

  1. Miami, Florida


If the beaches are good enough for you, how about the Winter festival in Miami? From South Beach to Coconut Grove, Miami is the hotspot for escaping the winter chills. It’s not very hot in the winter, and it doesn’t snow either. You can rock out to some Carribbean inspired food and music.

  1. Varadero, Cuba

Sitting in the sands of the white beaches is not only an amazing experience, but the fact that Cuba has no snow and it’s one of the best weathers make this a top vacation pick for us. It’s affordable for normal people, with vacation packages starting at $800 for a 3* hotel. And most of their packages are all inclusive too, so you don’t even have to worry about bringing money!

  1. Whistler, Canada


Are you thinking of hitting the slopes for the winter? Bringing out those skiis or skateboards that’s been stashed away all summer? Well Whistler is the place to do it. It has over 50 slopes, ranging from beginner to expert. The snow is always fresh and powdery and you get an amazing view of Vancouver from the top. If you’re not snowboarding or skiing, you can relax in the cabins in town.

  1. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

For them it’s summer when it’s winter for us. Gold Coast is known for their beaches and their rain forest along the coast. You can chose to either relax on the beach, watch the surfers, or go for a trail in the woods. It’s amazing for those nature lovers that want to just enjoy the sun!