Traveling is fun and all the first couple of times around, but after awhile it gets a little bit tiring. Waiting in line to get through security, then waiting in line to board your flight, and then some more waiting before you take off. Oh no, we also forgot waiting to claim your baggage from the carousel afterwards as well. At least some of the airports around the world make this tedious waiting game a little bit more fun with interesting things in their airports, here are some of our favorites:


Menara Airport – Marrakech

You’ll be transported to another world before you’re actually transported to another world. This beautiful airport’s honeycomb roof is stunning and a vision to look at while you’re waiting to board your plane.

O’Hare Airport – Chicago

Chances are that you’ve had a nice little layover in Chicago if you’ve flown anywhere within the starts. Being one of the world’s busiest airports, there’s also tons of different things for you to do and look at while keeping yourself occupied. Feeling a little stiff from your flight and have some time to kill? Drip into their yoga room to stretch your muscles out.


Wellington Airport – New Zealand

If you’re a Lord of the Rings’ fan, then your little troll friend Gollum can be found here. A giant sculpture of him of him was installed in the roof to look as if he was fishing underwater for food!

Beijing International Airport – Beijing

Designed to represent China’s most recognized symbol (a dragon), this airport is easiest one of the largest possible buildings on Earth.

Finavia Airport – Helsinki

Interested in a blast from the past? This airport in Finland has a lounge that replicates something out of the Jetsons. With retro egg like chairs, you won’t be just traveling the world, but traveling back in time as well!