Let’s face it, trash is trash – and it’s not going to smell like flowers any time soon. And if you’re going to be leaving on a trip soon but won’t be able to clean out the garbage, you’re going to need a way to keep your place smelling nice. Here are some quick and easy ways to manage the odor besides good ventilation.

Baking Soda – is fantastic at soaking up odors. Sprinkle it right at the bottom of your can everytime you empty it out so that it absorbs any messy liquids that may collect at the bottom. Alternatively you can also sprinkle it across the top anytime you detect some funky odors so that it absorbs it all. When you empty out the trash can, scrub out the insides with baking soda as well to completely remove any odors!

Bleach – Although bleach may be stinky in its own right, it’s disinfectant properties are amazing at killing germs and getting rid of other odors. Make sure to bleach your garbage cans in a well ventilated area so that you avoid harming yourself. Also make sure that the bleach won’t corride the surface of your garbage can since its chemical makeup is quite toxic.

Kitty Litter – the already magically created commercial deodorizer is kitty litter. Since it both absorbs oder and liquids, kitty litter will remove nasty scents from your trash can. Line the bottom of your trash can with some kitty litter and change it up once a week once it either is damp or a smell comes back.

Dryer Sheets – They may not necessarily be odor combating and absorb stinky smells as well as the others do, but keep in mind that they smell fantastic on their own. Throw in a new sheet into your garbage can, or tape it to the top of a lid to give you garbage some nice scents to block out the nasty odors.