If you’re going to be flying to your next destination, it’ll be important to pack these essentials into your carry-on since you won’t be able to access all of your belongings while you’re on the plane.

Blanket/scarf – the air on the plane can get a little bit chilly, so make sure to bring a light blanket or heavier scarf to drape over yourself when you’re mid air.

Lipbalm and moisturizer – air on the plane is recycled as you’re flying, so it can get pretty drying up there. Make sure to pack your skin moisturizers along with lipbalm so that you’re not left feeling dry and chapped during the entire flight.

Headphones – even if you didn’t bring any music to listen to, a pair of headphones can make the world of a difference. Lots of airlines have in-air radios that you can listen to, so simply plug yourself in and save $5 from buying a cheap pair of headphones that probably won’t last you longer than the flight itself.

Empty water bottle – you won’t be able to bypass security with a full water bottle, but you can with an empty one. Most of the gates will have a water fountain by their bathrooms so you can fill up your bottle there to stay hydrated instead of shelling out $5 for one.

Dried foods – did you know that you can bring granola bars and packaged food across security? Airport food can get pretty expensive, so make sure to bring enough on your own so that you’re not left feeling hungry and broke once you’ve passed through security.

Chargers – long flights can get boring, which means that you’ll probably be using your electronics more often than you usually do (they’ll die a lot faster). There should be lots of wall plugs and charging station at the gates, and some plans even have plugs built into their seats. So never go without a fully charged cell phone if the plugs are all there and ready for you to use!