Canada isn’t really widely known for their food. They don’t have any Michelin starred restaurants, and the restaurants that you hear about all the time — they don’t really have to do with Canadian food.

Canadian food is actually a rarity because some people say that Canada doesn’t exactly have its own culture. It’s a giant melting pot of other cultures, and for that reason, it’s really hard to define what Canadian food really is.

But in the end, Canada does have some amazing restaurants that people should check out if they’re in the area. It’s not surprising that a lot of these restaurants are in the biggest cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

1. Raymonds – St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

This is one of the rarities where they serve actual “Canadian” food. Their prices tend to run pretty high, so expect to spend $125 for a seven-course tasting menu and $100 for a 5 course tasting menu. Their entrees run from $40-$45.

2. Bar Isabel – Toronto, Ontario

They serve primarily Spanish food, but that’s not to say it’s not delicious. You can get a plate for only¬†$6, but it does go up to $59 for a large plate of grilled octopus. You must try it.


3. Maison Publique – Montreal, Quebec

At Maison Publique, you get only the finest food for a Gastropub. A steak for 2 is only $70 but it’s cooked just right, the way you want it (medium rare please). Their menu isn’t too bad, ranging from $8 to up to $70.

4. Farmer’s Apprentice – Vancouver, British Columbia

A very small restaurant hidden in the lower mainland comprises of some Pacific Northwest cuisine. You can expect a lot of fresh seafood and real Canadian meats. They’re fairly cheap, ranging from $4 to $18 and their menu changes weekly.


5. VIJ’s – Vancouver, British Columbia

Indian food in Canada isn’t a surprise, as there are a lot of ethnic foods rampant. This isn’t to say that there are not ranges. VIJ’s India fusion restaurant offers amazing lamb racks with curry, and they melt in your mouth. It’s only $28 for a very filling dinner.

6. Hawksworth – Vancouver, British Columbia

French food isn’t only found in Montreal. Hawksworth was ranked number 6 for their delectable pacific sablefish, lap cheong, soy braised daikon, picked shiitake and crispy yam. Their French/Pacific Northwest menu will satisfy seafood lovers everywhere.


7. Buca – Toronto, Ontario

Rob Gentile from the Cooking Channel has his own restaurant in Toronto — he prepares Italian foods that are handcrafted with care. Their prices range from $19 to $49. Get the Artisanal Pomodoro e Tartufu Pizza! You won’t regret it.

8. Le Vin Papillon – Montreal, Quebec

As a vegetarian restaurant, this place has everything you need even if you’re not a vegetarian. Their specialty is the roasted cauliflower. It might not sound too fancy, but your tastebuds will beg to differ.


9. Joe Beef – Montreal, Quebec

The restaurant sounds like its name – with its specialties being steak and seafood. It used to be the #1 restaurant, but sitting at #9 isn’t so bad. You can get an entree for #30 to $50.

10. Ayden Kitchen & Bar – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A contemporary French & Italian charcuterie set in the middle of a small prairie city, it offers entrees from $19 to $26. Their Classic Ayden Butcher Burger is to die for!