The Food of South America

The Food of South America


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Have you been to South America? Are you from South America? Well once you hear about these amazing meals, you’ll probably wish you were one of the two.

Oyster Ceviche is a spanish dish, and contains a generous amount of seafood.  It is very popular on the coastal regions of the Americas, especially in the central and south. It is typically made with raw fish, which is cured in citrus juices, and topped with chill peppers. If you have ever made something like this, you didn’t make it as good as the oyster ceviche. Yum!

Empanadas are possibly the greatest things you will ever eat in your life. Think of pizza pockets, if they were filled with samosa ingredients, more meat and deliciousness. Did you know? Empanadas can also be stuffed with fruit, to give them a sweet flavour! They are an incredibly versatile meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and are incredibly and surprisingly filling. They are a staple for those who want a popular snack in South America.

Mango Crepes are made like regular crepes, except with eggs and with mangos. They are an incredibly tasty treat that are not found anywhere else. Regular crepes are fluffy and have strong pancake flavours, however this crepe has an egg flavour that is intensified and complimented by the sweetness of the mango.

Go down south- farther down south- and find the best dishes the world has to offer. It is a great difference in taste and flavour for those who are looking for an adventure. Enjoy!