North American Food!

North American Food!


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North America is home to a lot of things, including the home base of fast food. North America, with its genius, invented fast food restaurants and since then, they have been popping up all around the globe as the staple for cheap, tasty and somewhat unhealthy food. But don’t let that turn you off, every once in a while, fast food can be a great treat for you and your family.

McDonalds. Ahh mcDonalds, the golden arches are home to many. What is the best thing to order at an american McDonalds? Why the Big Tasty Bacon sandwich with Curly Fries and a Milkshake of course! The tasty burger pairs well with the delicious curly fries, and it is all washed down with a smooth milkshake. Nothing is more classic or patriotic.

KFC. One of the many competitors to McDonalds, KFC is famous for it’s one and only original chicken recipe. Try the chicken burger with mashed potatoes or fries, and with a side of coleslaw. The combination is epic. The crispy skin of the chicken is matched with the smooth texture of the mashed potato. It makes a great combo.

Finally to top off this list of amazing north american foods we have the dish most college students eat on a regular basis: instant noodles. Like the name suggests, these noodles are, well, instant. It doesn’t take much to cook them, and it takes even less time.

If you travel around North America, you’re bound to eat these foods. The interesting part is trying these foods all around the world.