Who’s tired of those Asian fusion restaurants? We are, but that’s not to say that the ones you find in North America are usually very far from what they serve in real Asian restaurants.


The food “China is known for”. They have quite a history with the invention of dumplings. The Chinese were the ones that came up with pasta and so they also came up with the idea of making flour and rolling them into doughy pockets filled with meat or vegetables. Dumplings come in all flavours and sizes. You can either steam it or pan-fry it.

Peking Duck

The second most well-known dish of China — the peking duck. You can’t really quite get the right duck unless you’re in China because they use a special kind of duck that’s force fed to extreme lengths. Of course, this practice has been deemed unethical by a lot of places, but there are some rare places where they serve authentic peking duck. It’s really juicy and succulent and you eat it with a small taco and some cucumbers.


These are what they call rice pickets wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are usually filled with a stuffing of meat or vegetables. They can be steamed or boiled.

Chinese Gnocchi

It’s actually quite a tradition to have Chinese gnocchi (these are the original). They are usually made with vegetables and stir fried. Most of the gnocchi are hand meld.

Lamb Kebabs

They marinate their lamb kebabs in paprika and cumin seeds. It’s really delicious and quite spicy if you can handle it. It’s roasted in a big stone oven for a long time.