If you’ve never been to Japan, there’s certainly a lot to try. From their amazing food to their great selection of drinks. There’s always something new for everyone. If you’re an alcoholic drinker like us, then you’d probably appreciate the new alcohol that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.


What Japan is best known for — their Sake. It’s a rice wine but it’s fermented like a beer. In Japan, Sake actually means “alcohol” so when you order, you should call it “nihonshu” instead. There are many different types of sake — Jumai, Honjozo, Ginjo, and Daijinjo. They all vary from their starches and how they are served. You could get a variety of tastes from each sake alone.



Chuhai is one of the yummiest thing we’ve ever tried. Sitting at 3%, it’s more of a soft drink. It’s like a gin & tonic, but in Japan. It’s shochu (a drink made from a grain) and a highball. It’s added with a highball, which you will find out about below. It’s surprisingly sweet and has a lot of flavor.


Do you like Whisky? because a highball is basically a watered down version of whiskey. It’s usually served on the rocks with whiskey and a soda of sorts — so what you end up getting is a lighter version of whisky which can be less flavorful, but more appealing to those that don’t like the straight up strong version of it.


Awamori is a very strong alcohol for those that prefer harder alcohols. It’s made from rice and it can reach alcohol levels of up to 60%. The strength of it will certainly hit you with a bite.



Umeshu is a really unique liquer that’s served like Whisky on the rocks. It is a plum liquer that’s sweet and sour but with a tangy aftertaste. To people that have never tried it before, it may be off putting, but if you like preserved prunes — then you will probably like it.