We’re not one to judge people on their food habits, but we mean it when we say that there’s some pretty weird foods out there in the world. Have you ever tried some of these foods? If you have… please let us know. Because we can’t imagine how some people do this! We’re sorry but some of these are not for the feint of heart!

1. Fugu – Japan

Fugu (as featured in the picture above) is one of those things that could kill you if 1 of the littlest, tiniest things goes wrong. It’s a pufferfish that has enough poison to kill 30 people. If the chef make the slightest mistake, you could die. Yep. It looks amazing but… will you risk your life for it?

2.¬†Monkey’s Brains – Asia

People in Asia, especially Vietnam and China, eat money brains from a live monkey. They literally present a live, wrestling, 100lb monkey down at a table in a restaurant and cut open the head right in front of the customers. Then you slurp it down when it’s still hot. EW.

3. Sannakji – South Korea

After hearing about the money, this one’s kinda toned down. What you’re eating is live octopus, either has a whole or just its tentacles. It’s served raw and you can still feel the squirming as it goes down your throat.


4. Escamoles – Mexico

It might look like a rice dish, but it’s actually insect larvae. Yea you’re eating some dead bugs. It’s usually ants, but anything with a larvae could suffice. You can eat it with tacos, in omelettes or on their own. Surprisingly, they don’t taste all that bad.


5. Casu Marzu – Italy

Sheep’s milk cheese doesn’t sound so bad does it? Well, only if it doesn’t contain thousands of live maggots. This special cheese is made by having flies lay eggs on top of Pecorino cheese and then the eggs hatch. The larvae eats through the cheese and breaks down the fat — so you get a soft, creamy cheese with a very pungent smell. And thousands of larvae. Yum.