We think that a lot of foods from other cultures are strange, like the poisonous pufferfish that you could eat, when you have a chance of dying. Or that live octopus/squid thing that squirms in your throat as you try to swallow it.

But have you ever considered that our foods can sometimes be weird to other cultures too? Especially since we sometimes eat these foods on a daily basis.

1. Peanut Butter 

It’s sticky and brown, and it’s sweet at the same time.


2. Jello

It’s like blubber.

3. Processed Cheese

Have you seen the video of someone trying to burn processed cheese? It literally

4. Bacon

The idea that you’re eating 1000 calories for breakfast (and it’s literally just fat) is appalling to people.

5. Red Velvet

The coloring of true red velvet is made from ants.


6. Pop Tarts

They look like artificial, plastic bricks. And they’re disgustingly sweet.

7. Raw Oysters

Eating raw oysters is just as bad as eating raw squid isn’t it? And the fact that when it does, it smells like rotten eggs make it just as bad.


8. Kraft Dinner

What you’re eating is not mac & cheese. It’s plastic and cardboard.

9. Foies Gras

The concept is extremely disgusting and the taste isn’t even that delightful…

10. Loafs of white bread

They’re extremely dry and they don’t have any flavor (as compared to Italian or bakery breads)