Even if you aren’t into spicy, you have to try some of these foods. India has one of the longest cultures and you can bet that their food says it.

1. Biryani

The best thing out of India — a rice dish cooked with saffron and chicken or lamb and marinated in a sauce. It’s made in bulk and great for family dinners.

2. Jalebi

If a deep fried wheat batter that’s soaked in sugar syrup doesn’t entice you, we don’t know what does.


3. Idli

What’s for breakfast? This. It’s a puff of ground rice and lentils, that’s made inside of small circular molds.

4. Rajma

Kidney doesn’t sound delicious, but this dish surely does. You can get a soup like this anywhere in North India and it’s so thick and warm that it will surely warm your stomach up.


5. Tandoori chicken

Mmm, if you haven’t tried tandoori chicken before you don’t know what you’re missing out on. This takes hours to make, and it’s marinated in a bed of yogurt and spices and then roasted in a clay oven called a tandoor.

6. Bhelpuri

Much like fried rice, you get this puffy rice with vegetables in a very spicy tamarind sauce. This is not for those non-spice lovers!

7. Dhokla

This is a really light snack from Gujurat, made of fermented rice and chickpea batter


8. Momos

If you’ve tried dimsum, then you would love this. It’s made like a dumpling but it’s dipped in a spicy¬†chutney sauce.

9. Banana chips

Banana chips actually came from India, but instead of having them sweet and delectable, you get them deep fried in savory spices.


10. Kulfi

A perfect drink for the summer — a thick milk, almond and pistachio drink that’s drozen and left on a stem so you can eat it like a popsicle.