The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival


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The lantern festival is a beautiful display of lights. It is a Chinese festival, celebrated on the first month in the lunisolar year, and on the 15th day of that year. To put this into perspective, it is celebrated in February or March in the Georgian calendar. It is a great time for children and adults alike to go out at night to temples, designs paper lanterns with images and complex designs, then set them free into the air.

Some of the lanterns are often made in the shape of animals and other creatures. The lanterns may symbolize people letting go of their past lives and starting a new, and continuing this process throughout the years. Traditionally, the lanterns are red to symbolize good fortune. When they are all released into the night sky, nothing looks more beautiful than that. It resembles stars reaching up to the heavens to hug the sky. Eventually, they float back down, but all of the materials they use to make these lanterns are biodegradable and they do not create any waste. There haven’t been many accounts of the dangers of releasing these lanterns into the air, because of the fact that by the time they reach high enough into the atmosphere, the flame completely burns out.

In places like Hong Kong, the lantern festival is commercialized to a point that it mirrors Valentine’s Day here. It is a beautiful display and should be seen at least once in  a person’s life. It is a beautiful experience.