There’s nothing more annoying than traveling somewhere, only to find out that immediately after you left, a renowned festival went down – and you missed it. The next time before you book your trip, look up all of the festivals of the destination you’re planning on visiting and see if you can make it in time to attend one of them! Here are some fun international festivals what would make your trip worthwhile:

Holi – This festival of Colors is celebrated by Hindus around the World, but it’s particularly big in India and Sri Lanka. The fun, safe and free festival involves you celebrating the end of the winter and the coming of spring by throwing different colors onto each other. Forget the Color Run, you’re actually here just to celebrate a party of color!

Carnevale – For those that are a fan of 13th century aristocratic styles, Carnevale in Venice is a tradition not to be missed. The masked party is lots of fun to attend with tons of people from around the world who make it one of the funnest parties on Earth.

Mardi Gras – Mardi Gras is celebrated everywhere worldwide, but the best place to celebrate it is right at its core, New Orleans.

La Tomatina – If getting dirty is your thing, then throwing tomatoes is definitely what you should look into. Not based on any tradition whatsoever at all, but purely for fun, this festival in Spain is not for the clean.

Running of the Bulls – If traditional festivals are more your thing, then nothing gets older than running with the bulls. Whether you’re a running or an observer, you’re bound to get your adrenaline pumping just by being at this festival.