Have you ever wanted to watch hundreds of men and women chase after a block of cheese down an hill? We you can watch hundreds of people tumble down a hill after a block of cheese at Cooper Hill’s cheese rolling festival.

coopThe event is nothing short but traditional. It is an annual event hosted on the Spring Bank Holiday. It is near Gloucester, England, and it is held on Cooper’s Hill. Traditionally, it is by and for the people living in the local village of Brockworth, but now that is has tumbled into popularity over the years, everyone across the world can take part and have some glorious fun. The event doesn’t really have any management, and the rules are simple.

coop3A 9 pound round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled and the people participating race down the hill to see if they can catch it. The first person to cross the finish line at the very bottom of the hill is the winner, and therefore gains the cheese! It is a quirky event to be sure, but fun nonetheless.

You may be thinking that this couldn’t be so hard, but in fact it is. For one, the chess gets a head start, and goes a full second before anybody can run. Secondly, the cheese can get up to speeds of 70 miles per hour. the speed of a slow pitch in major league baseball. and third, the hill is very steep!

If you’re unto the challenge, come on by and test your skill.