Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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What is Carnaval you may ask? Well, it is a very colourful, very exciting, world famous festival held in Rio de Janeiro. It is held before Lent each and every year, and is considered the largest carnival in the entire world, with two million people per day walking down the streets.

Images from Rio De Janeiro's crazy CarnivalThe first time a festival was recorded that resembled this carnival was in 1723. Today, it is filled with revellers, floats, and tonnes of adornments. They also have samba schools which are groups of people who attend the festival with a common geographical background. Each school does choreographed dances in bright, fanciful costumes that usually tell an interesting story.

Street festivals in Sambadrome are so common during this time, however balls are even held on the Copacabana beach. Music and dancing mix together to give visitors a great time of losing themselves in the rhythm.

carnival3The most famous dance from the carnival, one you may already know is called the carnival samba, a Brazilian dance with a heavy African influence. The carnival dates begin on different dates, due to it being before Lent. The festival goes on until Ash Wednesday, and usually begins on a Friday. However for the next couple of years, the schedule will look a little lile this:

  • 2015: February 13 to February 17
  • 2016: February 13 to February 17
  • 2017: February 24 to March 1
  • 2018: February 9 to February 14
  • 2019: March 1 to March 6
  • 2020: February 21 to February 26
  • 2021: February 12 to February 17

If you’re looking to attend, carnival tickets can range in price. Some are $55, and others are $3000, and these depend on the ticket type, sector, and the season.