This is a backpacker’s guide to Amsterdam. It’s one of the best cities to visit and you can visit a whole lot of historic value. It’s not so much scary when travelling there, opposed to see what you heard about and see in the movies. You should definitely try it — some of the best museums can be found in Amsterdam, and the fantastic architecture and pretty canals. If you’re into it, there’s also a lot of great nightlife there.

Where to stay

If you’re going for the true backpacker’s experience — you gotta stay in a hostel. That’s what you’re here for right? Also, the best place to stay is somewhere as close as possible to the Red Light District — all the nightlife is around the Red Light District.

Where to eat

There are a lot of places to eat, but their food is a lot smaller in portion than what you’re probably used to.

Check out Smuller’s — a very popular food chain there. You should definitely try some Dutch beer and some Dutch bar food. Frikandel is one of their country’s original foods — a sausage that tastes very.. interesting. Bitterballen is a deep-fried ball of meat, usually beef or veal, and it’s delicious and can be found in a lot of vending machines called Febo.

What to do

During the day, it’s great to check out some of their museums and the architecture of the buildings. Of course, the Van Gogh museum is one of the biggest attractions, as you get to see a lot of his work, including the famous piece “Starry Nights”.

The Anne Frank Museum is also one of the biggest attractions out there — and if you haven’t read the book already, you definitely should. There’s so much history in such a place and it’s amazing to¬†get into the hidden staircase behind the bookcase.


At night, we all know about the Red Light district, and just by being there you’ll realize how unique it is. The women all stand in little windows surrounded by red lights, and there’s a lot of great bars and clubs around that area. You’re not allowed to photograph the women, unless you want to be sent to the hospital.

In the summer, you should check out the tulips gardens in Holland, where there are thousands of tulips all lined up in colorful rows.