Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon found in China known for its beautiful views of the Jinsha River. But besides just offering lovely scenery of the river, the canyon itself is absolutely stunning. With a maximum depth measuring almost 3.79 km deep from the river to the peak of the mountain, the Tiger Leaping Gorge may possibly also be on the of deepest river canyons known in the world. When traveling to see this canyon, keep in mind that there are inhabitants along the river who live in small groups. Do not disturb them and go about on your own merry way.

If hiking is your thing, you can definitely take the path also known as the “high road” which is well maintained with markers, but at times heavy rains can block the passages making them impossible to use. The indigenous folk use the path everyday, so they have adapted to the high stress weather. While walking through the path, you’ll be able to pass by many different beautiful views such as waterfalls, as well as guesthouses. In the middle of heavy rain season when the hiking paths are rained in, it is suggested to refrain from hiking since the guesthouses aren’t exactly the most hospitable.

If you’ve ever wanted to envision yourself in a Kung Fu movie, then the Tiger Leaping Gorge (the name itself is already pretty fitting) would be the perfect place for you to visit. You’d definitely feel as if you’re part of a martial arts scene without actually having to learn how to properly fight.