If you’ve never heard of Nepal before, you probably have recently. But earthquakes aside, lets talk abou soething else – quite possibly the world’s deepest gorge. This gorge was created by the Kali Gandaki River that runs through it (and is also known as the Andha Galchi). The gorge has acted as a trade route in between Tibet and India for many centures now, but nowadays, it’s used more as a hiking route in between Muktinath and Pokhara.

The whole gorge itself acts as a separation between two different major peaks: Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. The area around the gorge has been known for its shaligram fossils and locals have revreed them as non-living embodiments of the Lord Vishnu.

Not only can you visit to see the gorge from above, but white-water rafting options are available for keeners. The aforementioned activity entails camping along the sides of the river overnight with other individuals in your party to complete the trek and can be extremly adrenaline pumping. With a total of 72 hours for the trip, participants are encouraged to bring all of their own supplies including food in order to sustain for the entire 3 days.

But besides just rafting down the river, tourists can visit local villages just to see what life in Nepal is like. So for all of the adrenaline junkies who aren’t keen on getting cold and climbing up Mount Everest, another option would be white-water rafting down Kali Gandaki Gorge.

What option would you choose? Scaling a fridgid mountain or paddling down a swift river?