Being the second largest canyon in the world along with the largest in all of Africa, This Namibia attraction, The Fish River Canyon, is basically ginormous ravine that’s about 160 km long, can get up to 27 km at its widest and almost 550 m deep.

It’s known as being the second most visited attraction in Namibia and was created by the longest river that runs within the country – Fish River. The River itself doesn’t constantly flow throughout the year, but does have a little bit of flooding in the later parts of the summer. Throughout the majority of the year, the river it turns into a chain of little pools which doesn’t create the best environment for plants. Most of the plants that inhabit the river are drought-resistant, similar to ones seen in desserts.

Besides just seeing the canyon, it’s fairly popular for hiking enthusiasts. Spanning roughly 88 km, the trek can be quite rugged. Luckily there are a few short cuts throughout the trail for visitors aren’t quite sure if they want to complete the entire distance.

The ardious walk can take longer than a day, and since no amenities are located along the trail, hikers must carry all of their own supplies as well as sleeping on the ground. Since temperatures can reach a scorching 48 degrees Celsius during the day time, hikers must obtain a permit in order to complete the trail. In order to obtain a permit, hikers must register in groups larger than 3 but less than 30, and must have a certification of fitness completed by a medical examiner at a specific Ministry of Environment and Tourism.