Found in Chihuahua, Mexico, Coppy Canyon is actually a series of 6 different canyons inside of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Would you be surprised to find out that the system of the 6 canyons is even larger than the Grand Canyon and in some sections, it’s even deeper? But because they are a series of 6 different canyons, they can’t claim those titles on their own. Copper Canyon is named after the green walls which are oxidize remnants of copper that have been left behind by the washed sediment left behind by the rivers. Each of the six canyons were created by six different rivers which all drain ogether onto the west side of the Sierra Tarahumara. Together the six different rivers merge and form the Rio Fuerte which then continue into the Gulf of California.

Because of the high quantities of water, the canyons themselves aren’t dry. You can actually find 23 species of pine (each and every single one different) as well as over 200 different species of an oak tree. Didn’t know that there could be more than one species of pine didn’t you? But because the edges of the canyon are currently being deforeste, many of species are wildlife are being pushed out of the canyon, threatening the overall ecosystem – which could mean that the 200 different species of oak tree could reduce down to only 1.

We highly recommend visiting during the month of October to get a chance to see the wildflowers that are blooming. Even though it’ll be a little bit rainy, the view is definitely worth it!