This beautiful canyon touts the title of the most visited and photographed canyon in all of Southwest America. One look at its beautifully eroded tunnels instantly affirms that notion and makes almost anyone want to visit it.

What sets it apart from other canyons is the fact that it’s bedrock is formed out of Navajo Sandstone, giving it those beautifully layered striated patterns that run throughout the canyon. But besides that, the color of the stone beautifully reflects the sunlight, basking everything within it in a golden glow, sort of as if you were to lounge around in a perma-sunset.

The canyon was mostly created out of erosion of the Sandstone due to both pockets of water within the stone as well as flash flooding. During monsoon season, heavy quantities of rain fall collects in the pools above the canyon and as it flows through, the velocity increases and slowly erodes away at its sides. Besides creating the channels within the rocks, the flowing of the water smoothed down the jagged edges that eroded away to create the smooth formations. To this day, it is recommended to check the flood forecasts before foraying into the canyon as flooding can still occur.

Because the canyon is located in Navajo Tribal Park, it can only be accessed by guided travel tours. Depending on the time of day and length of tour that you select, the cost per person can range anywhere from $35 to $82 per person. So make sure to bring enough cash for everyone.