This small but packed place has lots of different activities for you do while you’re there. Although many may be very touristy, there are still tons of other hole-in-the-wall and off-the-beaten-path things that would be fun for you to do.

Cherry Blossoms – if you’re from a cooler climate where cherry blossoms don’t bloom, make sure to see them if you’re traveling to South Korea in April. But besides just seeing the cherry blossoms, there are festivals that go hand-in-hand with the beautiful sights, so you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food as well.

Gyeongju Traditional City – if you enjoy immersing yourself in culture, make a point of visiting Gyeongju and sleep on a traditional mattress inside of a traditional house. You’ll also be able to ride a bike through the city to enjoy the sights as well.

Boseong Green Tea Fields – if you’re a tea advocate, we highly recommend taking a walk through these fields. Not only will every single break you take smell like green tea, but the experience will be extremely relaxing as well. You’ll be able to enjoy some nice ice cream after your explorations and even partake in a green tea bathe!

Haesingdang Park – This is basically a park full of penis statues. If you’re not exactly the type that’s interested in this type of stuff, then we highly don’t recommend you visiting this park. there are penis statues everywhere that symbolize fertility and good luck.

Cat cafes – these little cafes are popular everywhere throughout Asia. Want a fuzzy little friend to play with while enjoying your tea or coffee? These cafes are the perfect place to test your love for these animals.