When Valentine¬†hit the stage at the Paris Week Fashion Show, no one knew what they were expecting. If you haven’t watched Zoolander, what’s about to happen next is something you would never understand.

When the second last model exited the stage right, the somber music faded. Everyone looked expectantly down the runway, expecting a final walk from the Designer but instead — all phones were taken out and photographs were snapped like crazy left and right.

But instead of their normal stuff, Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” came on and the stars of the show came out: Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald. The spotlight followed Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as they strutted their stuff and gave their best blue steels.

Ben Stiller was dressed in a custom Night Butterflies brocade suit with hand embroidered overcoat and black Creeper shoes, and Owen Wilson was in a silk continent print pajama suit with Double Cashmere overcoat and Open sneakers. They came by together by the photographer’s pit and checked each other out for the ultimate Showoff.

Zoolander even managed to steal an iPhone and snap pictures of himself!

Everyone was roaring over the two and people were cracking up in laughter.

Valentino confirmed that the stunt had been in the works for months as a way of introducing the Zoolander sequel — after 14¬†years. We’re so excited to be able to follow up on what happens to Derek and Zoolander Jr in 2016! Oh, and of course, they are still both ridiculously good looking.