When you’re on a trip, it can get pretty tempting to pick up souvenirs for both yourself and your loved ones. Being a person who’s been on many trips and have had many souvenirs brought back for me, I can truly attest to the fact that some souvenirs are straight up a waste of space and money. Here are some that you should avoid, unless you actually think that the person will use them.

Graphic T-shirts – chances are that unless the person you’re going shirt shopping for doesn’t care about what they wear, your T-shirt is going straight to their pajama stash or into a donation bin. Most of the time souvenir T-shirts aren’t properly sized, so they never end up fitting right to begin with.

Keychains – is the person that you’re shopping for an avid keychain collector or own lots of keys? No? Then chances are that they already have a keychain in rotation, and giving them a new one means time to take the keys off their pre-existing key ring and hooking them onto the new one. Anyone who owns multiple keys can attest to how annoying this can be.

Figurines – unless the person that you’re shopping for enjoys collecting tacky decor pieces, that clay figurine that you just bought them is going to wind up in the storage closet of their basement.

Sand – What exactly are you going to do with sand? Keep it in a jar wither other collected ones and label them all? Or pour it into a little pit and continue to do that until you have your own sand pit to play in? Avoid bringing home sand as most of the time it gets forgotten or it spills and creates a mess everywhere.