We’ve all had a handful of souvenirs that we’ve seen or have bought that were just.. questionable to us. But how about these little knick-knacks? Maybe they’re worth buying just because… the novelty of it is just too much.

1. Danmark <3s You


These may look ordinary at first, but they’re actually Dutch souvenirs. And if you didn’t know, Dutch = Netherlands =/= Denmark.

2. Mr. Perfect


“He says what you want to hear”. I don’t think I would touch this thing with a 10 foot pole… And can’t imagine sitting it on my bookcase at night, watching me *shivers*

3.The Eiffel Cower


We don’t know what the people of Paris were thinking when they decided to distribute these. Since when did cows have anything to do with the Eiffel Tower, or even Paris, for that matter? Are they all stashed away on a hidden farm somewhere underneathe?

4. Smoking Baby


I guess that’s one way to show the hazards of smoking for children. We found this stashed away in a small store in Asia, and we just thought that this was strangely… real. And incredibly intimidating.

5. Dead cows


We hope that at least they’ve been preserved. I mean, can you imagine the smell if it wasn’t? And plus, what’s dead cow supposed to actually be anyway? Don’t we get it at the grocery all the time… something called beef?

6. Snake Wine


It’s actually quite common to gift people snake wine. And it’s literally a snack trapped in a wine bottle. We’re surprised how they got it in there.. and what it tastes like! It’s supposed to have Viagra-like effects but uh, we’re not 100% that’s true.