Obviously you’re going to want to bring home some sort of momento from the trip you just took, but if you play it smart, those souvenirs won’t wind up hidden inside of a closet somewhere or donated. Here are some fun souvenirs that are actually practical to you.


Almost everyone enjoys coffee. Bring back the culture of the destination you just visited by purchasing a bag of beans to steep at your own home. You’ll be able to reenvision your trip every time you take a sip from your cup.

Shot glasses

Most of the time our shot glasses are kept on display, and most of us don’t exactly have a “collection” of them that we buy with our champagne flutes. Build up your shot glass collection by purchasing one from each destination you visit.

Home decor

Look for things that have a function such as a nice blanket or throw pillow that you can actually use in your home. Cooking utensils are also always a fun investment as well. One can never have too many wooden bowls!


If you thoroughly enjoyed the food from where you just visited, see if you can bring some spices back home with you so that you can replicate the flavors from your own own.


Even if you’re not a heavy drinker, it’s nice to have liquor from different parts of the world to taste what it’s like. Amaze your guests at your next party with some rum from Mexico!