Wherever you go, you’re bound to do a little bit of shopping before coming home. It’s almost customary for travelers to bring gifts home for their friends (hello souvenirs!). But besides just visiting the small dinky local malls, if you wanna get fancy, try to check out some of the world’s largest malls the next time you’re out and about in a different country!

#5. Isfahan City Center


Besides just being a shopping mall, there is also a 5-star hotel, movie theatre and the Middle East’s largest indoor amusement park. There are also offices as well as an exhibition center and apartments all within this one complex as well.

#4. SM City North EDSA

Known as the second largest shopping mall in the Philippines. With over 5,760 solar panels installed, it is also known as the largest solar-powered shopping mall within Southeast Asia.

#3. SM Megamall

SM Megamall, Manila, Philippines 2178, 2245, 2355, 2641

With over 800,000 people shopping in this mall each day, it’s easy to get lost in the crowds (mind you that the mall can hold up to 4 million people if need be, so this is only a small fraction). This mall is interestingly enough divided in between two different towers and connected by a little bridge.

#2. Golden Resources Mall

China has one other thing to add to its list of “greats”. Being the world’s largest shopping mall for the short time span of 2004-2005, it was given the nickname of “Great Mall of China”. This mall was surprisingly completed within only 20 months of work! You can literally buy anything from Jaguars, Italian bathroom sinks to colonial-style desks and goat-leather motorcycle jackets.

#1. New South China Mall


Although it may be known as the largest mall in the world, 99% of its space remains vacant. The issue remains that not only is the mall located far within the suburbs, making it inaccessible to the general public, nor are there any highways or airports close by for travelers to get to it. So although this may be the world’s largest mall, it may be the most sparsely populated.