When it comes to shopping in foreign countries, a lot of the time you can bring down the price of an item if you can haggle properly. Here are some nifty tricks to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Don’t settle on the first thing that you see.

Browse around and compare between different vendors. Sometimes the first one that you see isn’t the average price throughout your destination. You may find the same product for cheaper somewhere else, or you may even find it for more expensive. Whatever the situation, be aware of the price variances so that you can haggle.

Befriend the salesperson and build a rapport.

Going head first into a haggle is going to get you nowhere. Make sure to smile and talk to the person a little bit to develop a relationship with them. Who knows, the positive emotions emitted from you conversation may help in your favor.

Go for the low ball.

The salesperson will always try a counter offer on what you’re willing to pay, so go as low as you’re able to so that their counter offer is closer to your ideal goal.

Never reveal your budget.

If you reveal how much you’re willing to spend, the salesperson may use that as bait to keep the price as high as possible. Always keep your budget to yourself to keep them guessing. This is a bargaining chip that you don’t want to get rid of.

Have an opt out option.

If you ever feel like your salesperson is becoming too aggressive, make sure you have a way out of the conversation like “I have to meet my friend over there”. This will help you get out a bad situation without feeling like you have no other way out.