When you’re busy traveling and picking up souvenirs for friends, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the fun things that you see for sale. Make sure though that everything you purchase is compliant to border security standards, or else you risk the chance of having your souvenirs confiscated before you even make it home! Here’s a short list of some definitive no’s when it comes to souvenirs and the border safety control officers:



Did you know that diningware from countries such as China, India or Mexico can have dangerous levels of toxins such as lead in the glaze which can leak out onto the food that you eat? A lot of the time if high quantities of metal are detected in your carry-on dinnerware, the border control may confiscate it!



Are you traveling internationally to a country that’s known for producing knock-off designer products? If so, be wary that you might have them confiscated by border patrol. However, if you’re only bringing back one of each different product and you’re not planning on reselling it for profit, they’ll let you slide.



Be careful when you’re bringing back sand. Make sure that it’s completely dry since wet sand can harbour bacteria and growth that will have it removed by the border patrol.



Did you know that Kinder Surprise Eggs are illegal in the States? Bring them back and have them confiscated if they’re found by the border safety patrol staff!