Japan has always been known as one of the best places for studying architecture. With a population of 13 million in the city of Tokyo ALONE, they have to deal with a lot of people, and not a lot of space. How do they cram as many people and their living quarters into this small, but wealthy city? With outstanding modern architecture.

The Scape House

Surrounded by traditional houses, this contemporary piece geometry is gorgeous on the inside and outside. It’s form meets function. The inside is covered in marbled floors, and the outside of a use of clever geometry. There was special attention on daylight, views and privacy.

Half & Half House


To accomodate the corner living situation of this neighbourhood, NAF architect and Design created this Half & Half house to create a intersection between a flat roof house and a house with a gable roof. The houses are extremely close to each other but the etched glass windows provide ventilation, natural light and privacy. Inside, the place is extremely airy and open with a lot of hardwood and creamy walls.


How do you built on such a huge a slope? What seems like a great challenge, has turned into a great success for Shogo Aratani Architecture & Associates as they turn this house into a 3 floor plan on a very steep rocky slope. It’s geometrically square and it’s wrapped in black tiled wood, but the base is in concrete. You get a great view from the balcony in the back.

Flag Pole House


Can you make an entire house fit between a narrow 8 feet alleyway? Well the Japanese can. This Flag Pole House demonstrates an amazing way of conserving space as they build up, and not across. It looks like a tall, rectangular door from the outside, but as you look, there’s a smaller door underneath a corridor. With three levels of floors, it wastes no space and leaves you feeling incredibly spacious for completely perfect functionality.