When traveling in this country, big cities like Jakarta don’t require you to change up what you’re wearing too much. As long as your cleavage and shoulders are covered you’re good. The more remote parts of the country take on a traditional fashion sense, so beyond your shoulder and cleavage also make sure to cover up your arms and knees as well.


If you’re traveling within the multicultural area of Kuala Lumper, then you can basically wear whatever you want. If you head towards the east, make sure to long pants, skirts as well as lose shirts since this area of the country is more conservative.


Since most of their local women wear a hijab, but it has a high volume of tourists, you can wear whatever you want as long as your chest, legs and arms are always covered up.


The most important thing to remember is to always keep your cleavage, knees and shoulders covered. Any other parts of your body is up for change depending on what region of the country that you’re in, but as long as you’re wearing loose clothing overall, you should be fine.


Remember that bikinis are only appropriate by the pool. Once you leave that area, you have to make sure that you’re wearing loose clothing that covers your cleavage, shoulders and knees.


With some of the strictest clothing rules, visitors are expected to cover everything from the neck down (all the way to your ankles!). Obviously hands are okay being exposed since you need them to do things, so as long as you’re wearing a manteau that covers everything you’ll be fine!


Wear long pants and loose fitting tops that cover as much skin as possible. If you want to wear skinny jeans or tight pants, make sure that your top covers your behind. The same rule for leggings applies for tight bottoms!


You can wear anything inside of the resorts, but as soon as you venture into local territory, you have to once again cover up your cleavage, shoulder and knees.