About Us

About Us


Life With Travel was started in 2013 as a blog to get people to go out there and see the world. It’s meant for people to get inspirations & tips for travel. We gathered some of the world’s best articles on where to visit, what cities to see, what festivals to attend, and also exploring some of the cultural things — like architecture, food and shopping. Topics range from anything to do with the Great Mayan ruins to Tomorrowland, the music festival.

We believe that there’s just so much out there in the world that we haven’t seen yet, and we should all try to enjoy what we have while we can.

This is meant for a source of inspiration for people to go out & create their own travel journey. We hope that people will be able to be inspired, humoured, and motivated from this little blog.

We appreciate feedback from readers and we would love to hear of anyone’s adventures! If you want to share your story, feel free to contact us.

We at Life With Travel wish you the best.